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The Rose County Ramblers are a country band based in Toronto, Canada, which has been actively performing in and around the city for seven years.  The band's leader, Jacquelyn Tober, grew up in a small town on the Alberta prairies where she discovered her passion for music. After finishing high school, Jacquelyn moved to Nova Scotia to study music. During her time on the East Coast, Jacquelyn met her co-writer and guitarist for The Rose County Ramblers, Ryan Butler.  Jacquelyn was also exposed to local music while living in Nova Scotia and she was thrilled by the colourful songwriting and storytelling it encompasses. Despite the distance from home, or maybe because of it, she also found herself being drawn to country music in a way she never had before. It was, she realized, the soundtrack to her youth and always a connection to home.


Jacquelyn Tober has performed throughout Canada and the U.S.A. and has won many awards including the Musicounts Scholarship from The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the Edmonton Journal Scholarship for Musical Excellence, and the Central Agencies Scholarship for Most Promising Vocalist. Strongly influenced by artists such as Emmy-Lou Harris and Dolly Parton, The Rose County Ramblers' music weaves the sophisticated story telling of East Coast music with an alternative-country sound. 

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